First Magical Spasming Blast

Fuck… Fuck that tease

Those were the only thought that thundered in his mind, taking his body more on fire. She was in a dilemma, not finding anyway out, no directions as of now.

Shall she scream out her need to him! or Shall she keep it hidden inside.

After all, it might create a wrong impression about her personality to Adroit, to the people around, amongst his friends, if he shared what all was happening.

“Come Charu, let’s go.”

The hard husky voice of Adroit felt in her ears like a command and without even thinking about anything, she was standing on her legs the next moment. Again, that was strange as she had never followed any one’s instructions so blindly.

What was happening to her!

She thought and tried to open her eyes, the tingling sensation crippling through her full body.

Adroit was still sitting in the chair and watched her standing up. He was enjoying the way she was following her blindly. Lifting his chin up, it crossed the vision in between the deep line of her separated mounds of flesh on breast, neatly covered in her top. Those hanging beads of her curly hairs, waving on her face, rubbing over her cheeks, as if eager to feel those warm pink lips. Adroit took a deep sigh and ran his tongue on his thirsty bottom lips and whispered very softly.

“You haven’t switched your computer off Charu. As the office policy and otherwise from the security point of view, we need to shut it down before leaving.”

His words were strong as well as authoritative.

Pulling his chair forward, he her calf shape of legs touch on his knees. Without giving any reaction to it, he kept the knee cap pushed on her calf, lifting his chin up, watching her with his twisting lips.

She was almost shivering.

Extending both his hands, he held the mouse and started moving it, tracing the mouse gesture on the screen, closing down the movie player.

Charu felt at the verge of collapsing down, the way his knees were sinking in her soft calm flesh, although her fabric was covering it. Looking down, his eyes fell on his long fingers, the tanned skin, hold of the mouse in his fist. A soft sigh escaped her lips, as a thought crawled in his mind. Closing her eyes, she couldn’t resist the feeling of imagining her breasts in place of that mouse.

Oh god, why damn it’s the mouse.

She thought and felt another drop wetting the skin with a burning itch, right on the right side of her inner thigh.

Adroit’s eyes opened wide finding the next thing on her screen. The web browser showing a collection of sexy designer lingeries, different bright colours, exotic shapes, and mostly the transparent ones. His finger rolled on the mouse, scrolling the page, watching the sensual selection that she must have been watching.

“Ahhh please…. Sir… Adroit Sir… close.”

She could only whisper in a requesting tone finding that he got her second secret revealed.

His eyes captured that dark blue silky nighty, almost created with net material, a three piece. The pantie was containing some patch design of elongated penis, one exactly at the small fabric that was supposed to cover and tentatively hide the entrance door. Only a very thin strip that could be tied around the waist, with that thin line of fabric almost sinking in the deep crevice on back. Another was the bra, only thin straps that could run horizontally along a woman body, no straps holding along shoulder. Cup shape in front, with two sets of lips, one each over the place of nipple. There was one more piece, sleeveless, completely transparent, length till the upper half of the thighs. It was in a gown shape structure but quite short that would keep the thighs completely revealed.

Lifting his chin up, his eyes stuck at her body, almost running from down to top. He could imagine her wearing that dress and the imagination was so prompt and strong that he really felt as if she was wearing the same.

“Sir… oh… please… don’t look…. don’t… at me… like this… I can’t hold.”

Charu tried to whisper in he breaking voice, she being a woman, held the power to capture the vision of a man. She realised that Adroit was looking at her, imposing that sexy set on her nude body. Both of her hands suddenly crossed her breasts, as if she was nude and trying to hide those voluptuous assets.

Twisting his lips, he didn’t said anything, only glared her. She didn’t realised that her arms were pushed on her breasts, giving him a better view of the shape, carving out more prominently with that touch.

Looking back at the monitor, he realised that she had ordered that set from an online shop. Only a long smile as his lips chewed at each other, as he finally pressed the close mark on the window. Fingers glided on the mouse, the button to switch off the computer was clicked and that same old music of shutting down the computer echoed in the air.

Leaving the chair, he stood up and thus, the touch of his knees released her calf. Charu shivered once again, the source of that electricity was pulled back too. The next moment Adroit was standing next to her, looking straight in her long big eyes, with a black outline sharpening and making them more charming. Her white cheeks were turning red, completely red and she was chewing her lips, keeping her eyes down.

“I … I … am… really… so… oh Sir.. Please… don’t tell …. Please.. don’t anyone. I will be ruined.”

Her words were breaking whispers and she herself wasn’t sure what was going on in her body. She was scared on one hand while on the other hand, her whole body was feeling some ripples spreading all over.

A long smile flashed on Adroit’s face, right hand extended to her left cheek. Palm touched her red warm cheek.

God, they were burning hot!

He only patted her cheeks very softly, a gesture of consolidation that could comfort her. She wasn’t able to lift his face up, forget about looking in his eyes.

Brushing his palm, his fingers curled a bit, spreading the area of his touch wider on her cheek, a very soft sensations tingling down his spine. Charu shivered with that burning touch, again a high stream of voltage ran in her body and she felt that she was going to collapse right there. Her knees were breaking down, not able to support her own weight. She closed her eyes, unknowingly, her lips ran down her lips, anticipating something, at least something that could bring her back to senses.

“Let’s go, I will drop you home on the way.” The strong voice of Adroit made a very strong declaration.


Charu almost screamed in her thoughts, screamed so loud, but only in her thoughts, her voice didn’t supported her.

Adroit’s palm was pulled back, back from her cheek. Holding her left wrist, his fingers curled as he started moving out of the cabin.

Fuck that… Oh Adroit… Please… I don’t want to go home… I want … oh god… what the damn I want… I better need… Need so much …. oh Adroit… Please…

The mind of Charu was crawling with the ripples of infinite thoughts, her body burning with the strong desires that were not ready to sleep down again. She gave up and started walking, no, she tried to walk, trying to move and shivered once again. Her pantie was all wet and as she tried to drag her burning body behind him, those swollen lips felt so damn swollen, crushing with a deep rub at each other.

Damn fuck… how am I going to walk! Shit. Oh god… What’s happening to me!

She shivered and kept walking towards the parking, her vaginal lips rubbing with every step she took and his body gave up. A blast happened between her legs, her whole body spasmed with a strong shiver, closed her eyes, couldn’t walk for a moment.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.”

She murmured, closing her body instantly around his hard body, both the arms around him, legs crossing along her side leg and her vaginal section sank tight along his side thighs, body entwined like a climber and she couldn’t resist her lips sinking on her side neck, only moans and moans as she felt her first blasting orgasm shooting between her legs.

Adroit was still, just standing, a soft moan as her lips danced on his neck. He couldn’t believe what had happened, and neither did Chaur. She was still shooting, completely out of this world, still not able to understand, what happened, how happened. She was just drowning, drowning in that heavenly pleasure that was taking over her body.

Charu held him tight, as tight as she could, lips sinking in her warm skin along the neck, only the whimpering moans, trying to hold but the breathing vaginal lips not getting still, flowing heavily, soaking her pantie all damn wet.

“mmmmmmm….Siiiirrrrr… Fuckkkkkkk.”

Only her murmurs as she still tried to control her shivering spasming body, still not able to understand what had happened, how it had happened as she never had such a blast before, and this was only with the thoughts, some charming magic that took over herself completely.


Expressions Dominating

A drop of tear dropped down her wet eyes, followed by a couple more. That was the moment, she felt a strong crippling wave rising up her spine. It was strange, very strange as it was a mix of feelings. Scared, humiliated on one hand while some excitement and goosebumps on the skin. She felt so confused and lifted her face up. Their eyes met, a strong wave of some emotions ran in her heart, a strong urge to sink his head on his wide chest, but she was frozen, frozen in space and time to move ahead, or react in anyway.

“Thanks Addy… Thanks.”

Those were the only words that she could utter at the moment, trying to collect his mind, heart and the body. She was confused about the sensation of her body, such mix of emotions and feelings, never had she felt or realised before. What was it! She was lost slightly in those thoughts.

Pulling his hand back, he realised how warm was the the touch, the way his palm was stuck on the back of her hand. Right hand wiped her tears from the cheek, skins rubbing sensually with a light friction against her smooth cheek and his slightly rough palm. Charu shivered with that touch, a deep throbbing of a waving breath of her vaginal lips almost shook her completely. What was happening to her! Why was she breathing so hard! Her body felt to be on fire but she couldn’t say a word.

The eyes of Adroit didn’t missed her state of body, the way her breasts heaved up and down heavily making the movement prominent. Every time she took a breath in, the mounds were pushing out, deepening the cleavage deeper while with every exhale, they got pulled back. As his eyes focussed on those mounds, he realised two hard buttons pushing in the centre of her round shape. They were poking hard, hard against the surface of her cloth, had been the fabric weak, they might have tore it off with the pressure that he felt under his eyes.

Lifting his right hand towards her, the put his thumbs up, pushed on the right button and twisted it, pushing deep inside. laughing lightly and speaking in a teasing tone.

“Something is getting hard!”

“Ahh… no… ohhh….ye…. sorry…. don’t know… really.”

Closing her eyes, she was breathing heavier as the pressure of his thumb tip applied back on that hardened nipple, her breath pushing it back on his thumb and his thumb twisting in semi circular moves.

Charu felt her body completely sensitized by his touch, she couldn’t open her eyes. Her legs shivered lightly as she realised a flow of some drops of liquid between her legs, she tried to adjust her legs, trying to push the vaginal lips rubbing against each other. That move worked as a catalyst to her and the flow increased a bit more, as those burning hot lips rubbed against each other. A very soft whimpering moan escaped his throat and Addy did heard that. The frame of his body was aching with some needs finding her state of arousal so clearly visible to him.

“You are moaning Charu!”

A soft whisper escaped out of his lips and he pulled his thumb back.

Her body ached very strongly with a strong passionate desire that had been creeping in her body. As his hand pulled back, those nipples hungered more, his body felt a strong need to scream out loud, every single pore of her skin was burning, crazy with some crazy desirable needs.

“Open your eyes Charu”. He instructed.

“Oh … ahh… no… I … ummmm… can’t… oh god… oh my god… what’s happening.. aaaah… touch me… more… Need…oh help me.”
She muttered, whispering with breaking moans, not able to open his eyes, her body was burning, burning with such strong needs that she knew, she knew that he had ignited that fire to higher degrees. With his closed eyes, she burned more, imagining his strong frame, all bare, the hardness of his body and the softness of her body, sinking in each other.

*”Only the touches!”

“Ahhh… anything… anything you desire… Sir… Please… I am … oh godd.”

“I am what sweetheart!”*

He smiled looking at her highly aroused state of body and mind, her words were more of moaning whispers, the exotic scent of her perfume hitting his nostrils. Thumb tip of other hand frisked at the left corner of her lips, tracing slowly smudging both her lips back on her shining white teeth.

“ummmmmm Sir…. harder… Please… Please….”

She almost begged, swaying her face, to get a stronger grip of his thumb on her lips. Pushed her tongue out, tasting the first taste of her skin, realising the deep breathing with the throbbing lips of her vagina, dampening a wet spot in her pantie.

Adroit was quicker than her, before she could get his first taste, his hand pulled back, devouring her of any touch of his skin anywhere.

A long deep sigh on her lips, eyes still closed, limping her body back on the chair, thousands volts of electricity energising her body and that source was pulled back. Both her hand clasping her arm rest clamping tightly. Palm completely soaked with wet and her grip was so strong as if she would fly high in the air, if she ever left that.

Her body was on fire, that initial ignition touch and the pull back had done the worst to her. Every single point on her body was demanding his attention, need of masculine skin, a masculine body. Her body was screaming, with very strong urging desires. Very soft whimpering moans were filling the room, the voices that he had heard when he entered her cabin, the only difference was, now, the voice was not from speakers.


“Oh, ummmm, I didn’t noticed, amm… I mean, I had some… work… pending… trying to… get done.”
Her voice was more of a shock and some kind of fear.

The fingers tried to move on the keyboard and it was the complete pin drop silence zone. All those sounds of music, whispers, moans stopped instantly. He knew that whatever was running on her monitor had been closed.

Those big black eyes appeared wider than before, a shocking state expressed in her behaviour. Fingers of her right hand ran along her forehead, collecting those stings of hairs. She tried to smile but failed, completely unable to collect herself from his shocking appearance. Her fingers were long, like that of artisans, long nails with a dark red coating of nail paint.

Skin of her forehead was pushed slightly as she slipped her fingers collecting those hairs, removing that veil formed in front of her eyes. Her hairs were neatly tucked behind her right ear, at least she tried to tuck them neatly but failed once again. A few stings slipped out behind her ear and fell down her ears, once again, forming that seductive veil, making her look more vulnerable.

“Don’t worry, I was just leaving the office and found your cabin opened, thought of checking in, if anything needed.”
A soft but husky voice broke out his throat, breaking the silence of the pin drop zone. His voice seemed to be hoarser than ever, may be, the environment was getting a bit exotic.

Flipping his eyelids very lightly, his line of vision touched her twisting lips. She was biting them, almost chewing, a gesture of being nervous.

Adroit was formally dressed in his black tuxedo, very elegantly designed, a white cotton shirt sticking to his frame of body and a bright red designed hand-crafted tie hanging around his neck. Frame of body, yes, that was a frame of his body, broad shoulders, wide chest, well shaped abs and calve muscles, a well toned strong body with a light tanned skin covering it. Soft light hairs on his chest, which were no doubts hidden behind his tuxedo. A black set of leather shoes were shining in his feet. Raising his right hand slightly up in the air, his fingers curled and ran on his head, making some way in between his short black shining hairs. He had always loved to keep those hairs short, just like an army men. Somehow, he always liked it, made him appear handsome and smart with those neat hairs on his head. Moving down his hand on the face, he pushed his elegant frame of specks back on the nose and rubbed his smooth jaw-line. A little rough surface with those small hard growth of hairs, although he did shaved right in the morning. The beard shape appeared in a bluish tint with those tiny growths.

“Well, you are the only person left in the office, I believe so. It might not be safe staying so late all alone. I could give you the company and would even like to help you out finishing off that pending work, if that’s so important”
As his words flew out of his mouth, his eyes were making a glancing move from her forehead till the lower part of her breasts. The line of his vision was scanning every single bit of her presence.

Pulling the chair in front of him, he rolled it along the side of her office table. Walking behind the chair, his eyes fell on her monitor for the first time, as he walked next to her. Placing the chair next to her, he walked from behind and settled down in the chair, resting his ass in the comfort of the cushion.

A movie player was opened on her screen, but, no movie running. Although, he did noticed that there was a folder opened in the background folder with few filed showing the icons of movies. A deeper observation let him read the names of the movies, Hardcore…, First Bang…, Neena Hartley… and his eyes opened wide.

That was the work she had been finishing off! He knew that collection and he also knew what was inside them.

Turning a bit towards his right, he looked at her. She was blank, colour of her face turned white, a deep fear in her eyes and lips mumbling as if trying to say something, but the words not supporting her.

Only a soft whisper of her name echoed out of his throat.

“Listen Listen Adroit… it is nothing as you… oh god… How can I explain…. It was by mistake… Please… try to….”
She tried to say something with a cracking voice, trying to collect those words, as if mining those words out of her heart.

Putting his both hands on the bars of her chair, he turned her towards him, his chair too adjusted a bit. Both of them face to face, his eyes looking straight in her eyes. A long smile stretched his lips, trying to comfort her, trying to make her feel comfortable in that embarrassing situation. Adroit understood how embarrassing she must be feeling with his presence, with his revelation about what she had been doing in the office, after everyone had left.

Tucking his feet on the floor, his chair pulled closer to her. Fingers of his right hand curled around her left wrist, palm softly touched her smooth skin. The left hand reached to her other hand, the hand that was holding the bar of the chair very strongly, as if, if she released that, she was going to melt down right there. Closing his fingers over her hand, closed his fingers as if trying to comfort someone from some deep shock.

“It’s ok Charu, please, don’t get so nervous. It’s completely fine, I am not going to tell anyone. See, it’s very natural but yes, the society in which we live, I can understand how bad it is to express yourself. Everything is normal, very natural and I believe that we all as human being have our own desires and imaginations, our own thoughts, our own aspirations.”
That was a long statement that he spoke without any break and finally paused for a moment, collecting his breath, looking straight in her big black eyes.

“I really… really… didn’t meant that… please… please Adroit… try to understand.”
She fumbled once again in her words.

“I am understanding Charu, you need not worry about anything. Consider me a friend, you don’t need to get scared of me. I am also a human being dear and I do know and understand the various needs of a human being.”
His voice was very calm and well balanced as he tried not to make her feel ashamed of anything.

“Thanks… Thanks Ad… for understanding.”
She tried to collect her, tried to bring a soft smile on her beautiful lips, but failed once again. Her lips appeared as if the dried leaves, vibrating with a wave of dry winds running over it.

The fingers pushed lightly on both her hands, a warm sensation flowing in his body. Her heart beats were stronger, louder, although, he wasn’t able to understand the exact reason. Was it fear! Was it the excitement! Was it the high state of her body, was it the adrenaline rushing high! What was that!

“Listen Charu, first of all, calm down. No need to be nervous about anything. You can share any thing that you like, and have faith in me. Whatever you share will remain only between you and me. I know, it’s hard to trust, but believe me, I am not amogst those, who could break the trust. Just relax and feel free.”
His voice was getting hoarser, the skin of his palm pressed on her skin, so soft, so smooth and so warm. Blinking his eyes, he spread his lips in a very soft gentle smile and nodded his head.

“Relax dear, Just Relax.”

The Beginning

After a long tiring day, evening finally arrived. Winding up his belonging in the shelf, looked around as everyone had left. Turning his wrist, his eyes met the needles of his watch and he realized that it must be dark outside. Although, it was summer and the days were longer than the usual, he was late, too late for the day. Walking out of his cabin, his eyes caught a feeble light from the crevice of the cabin next to him.

Was she still working! It was late and she was not supposed to be there by this time, he wondered.

Fingers on his right hand pushed the door slightly, his eyes wandering inside, but, they didn’t had to struggle hard for getting a sight of her. She was there, right there sitting in her chair, concentrated on her monitor. His footsteps were soft, not creating any sound, any disturbance and it was a kind of pin drop silence zone.

Some soft whispering tones touches his ears, all of his sensations concentrated in his ears, trying to catch that sound. The source was her speakers. Without holding himself any further, the legs moved. Next moment, he found himself standing next to her, across the table.

“Hi Charu!”

Lifting up her face she looked at her. Their eyes met as if trying to ask and tell something unsaid to each other. A small stretch in their lips marked the moment as an invitation. Those big black pearly eyes shone with some spark that he had never seen before in them. His ears were still attentive, trying to grab that soft sound, a bit of music, a bit of whispers, some moans, that is what he felt.

The big black eyes on his face burned with some light, her smooth bare arms were so clearly visible to him, completely waxed, shining with a sparkling attraction. She was wearing a sleeveless top, only covering the shoulder with a thin strap, leaving her skin exposed. It was a top with blue and white spots, randomly spread all over the fabric. The fabric that was closely sticking to her curvy form, his eyes couldn’t miss.

It wasn’t that she was seeing her for the first time, he had been in fascination with her right from the first time that he had seen, around a month back, when she had joined the office. Adroit was in his mid thirties while she seemed to be completing her thirty years of experiencing life, although, what all she had experienced was somewhat unknown to him.

Long black hairs were hanging down, brushing her cheeks, covering almost half of her breasts. Breasts which were carved, very clearly and prominently with the perfect cup shape of the fabric of her top. It was a deep cut that did pulled his attraction. As it is said, there is a gravity, he noticed a strong gravitation pull in those depths. A sharp line forming a deep V, with a right mound separating along both the sides of it.

Her lips were red with an attractive bold gloss that she had applied on those curvy lips, exposing them like the soft red petals of a fresh rose. Those sounds were still reaching his ears and with his experience, he could imagine what might be running on her monitor. Those burning eyes had a different kind of fire, the fire that is burning only under certain special circumstances. Those smooth arms appeared the most attractive than before, may be, it was the mood, may be, it was the environment, may be, it was the sound, may be, it was, because, they both were the only people left in the close proximity of the office.